Linden Centre, Middletown, PA

Sharp Plaza Storefronts   Linden Centre Map
The new Sharp Shopper building and Lease
Spaces at Linden Centre, Middletown, PA


Anchored by Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet (a popular discount grocer), Linden Centre experiences a high volume of customer traffic!

Linden Centre Layout and Lease Space Photo below:

Sharp Shopper Middletown Verizon Wireless TCC Sally Nails and Hair
Linden Centre Aerial View


View of spaces available for lease:



Below are links
to the Linden Center Businesses shown in the "Linden Centre Layout" diagram to
the left.

1. Sharp Shopper,
Middletown, PA

2. Verizon Wireless TCC

3. Angel Nails and Hair

4. Available - Retail Lease Spaces (1,200 - 3,600 sq. ft.). Call Brad Rohrbaugh at Bennet Williams at
(717) 843-5555.

5. Phase 2 - Lease Space Available (up to 30,000 sq. ft.). Build To Suit - Office/Retail
(to the left of Sharp Shopper).
Call Brad Rohrbaugh at Bennet Williams at
(717) 843-5555.