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I recently moved to Winchester, VA area. After patronizing some other stores in the vicinity, I decided to check out Sharp Shopper the other day. I went down each and every aisle to fully, carefully investigate the store. I came away greatly impressed by the terrific values offered, the cleanliness and the hard working staff. I will definitely shop there from now on. Thanks for a great shopping experience. J.B.

I have been a long time customer at another store with "bonus buys" and "gas points" which made it very inviting to shop there. I am a coupon clipper, because even with regular store "bonus buys" groceries are still the biggest expense in my budget. WELL NO MORE! ...No longer do I need to spend my precious time clipping coupons to save money. I left the store with my trunk filled (both times) and a couple of bags in the back seat of my car! I took my husband with me this time, he like me, is still marveling and talking about the great prices! Had I bought the items at my "regular" grocery store, it would have easily been over $400 each trip! I cannot thank you enough! D.M.

Earlier today I paid a visit to the new Winchester (Virginia) location of Sharp Shopper. It was a mini-trip to see what your store had to offer. I was blown away!!! Not only were the employees that I encountered friendly, the store was clean and the prices were absolutely amazing. In these hard economic times when most folks are trying to s t r e t c h their money to provide for their families, it was refreshing to visit a store that offers both quality and low-prices. I will definitely be going back and will be sharing my comments with friends and family. D.L.

I started shopping at Sharp Shopper a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I was spending about $120 a week at other grocery stores and now I am spending half that at Sharp Shopper. I wake up on Saturdays and can't wait to go to the store. Thank you Sharp Shopper, you really are a blessing. S.C.

Dear Sharp Shopper, I (recently) became acquainted with your store and instantly fell in love with the broad range of products sold, and most importantly the incredible deals... S.H.

I just wanted to tell you all that I love shopping at your stores! My family saves so much money by shopping at your stores. J.C.

I barely go to the other retailers because I save so much money at your store. I have the best time unpacking my groceries! I get my calculator out, and total the price each item would be in the “regular store” then compare the difference. I believe you all are saving us over $200-$300 per month, partly because of the bulk items you sell and partly because of the low prices on everything else... A.C.

I want to thank you for making it possible in these crazy economic times to stretch my food budget and feed my family well. I appreciate your commitment to low prices and quality. I know that I can go into your store to shop and always feel like I leave with value for my hard earned dollar. J.G.

I’m so appreciative of the kindness and friendliness of your staff, especially the cashiers. I’ve expressed my appreciation to them but wanted to go a step further and commend them to you…. I also appreciate the cleanliness and variety you offer… Please pass my compliments to your staff! I look forward to visiting again. B.K.

I love your store. Your staff is always friendly, courteous, busy and always willing to help locate items... N.M.

I can't say enough about how nice the staff is and what a pleasure it is to shop at the "Sharp Shopper"! Thank You for making it such a nice store. To many fun trips to the "Sharp Shopper" 'cause you never know what you might find. T.C.

Your store has been a godsend for those of us trying to get by... C.P.

When I come back to Pennsylvania to visit family, I stock up on groceries from Sharp Shopper, and when family comes to visit me in Florida, they bring me groceries from Sharp Shopper... H.S.

There are no stores that come close to the value we found at Sharp Shopper! T.R.

I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you for providing such a wonderful store & shopping experience. Your prices are outstanding & help our family week-to-week with our food choices & grocery bill. Please continue this service, as it is well liked & needed in any community. K.K.

After you shop for a while at Sharp Shopper, your biggest shock is when you go to a regular store and see products that cost 3-5 times as much as you had just paid! C.T.

We were so pleased -- and amazed -- at the variety of products and prices, not to mention the cleanliness of the store and, most of all, the friendly and helpful employees. T.B.

Thank You for saving my family lots of money! M.C.

I just wanted to let you know that I consider your stores a huge blessing. I honestly wonder how I would afford to feed my family of four if it weren't for your store. Thank you! J.D.

I just wanted to compliment you on running a wonderful business!! I have never walked out of one of your stores without purchasing everything I need, without getting wonderful service from your employees and without being very impressed with the quality of items and cleanliness of the store. Please keep up the good work! K.W.

I very much enjoyed my first trip today to the Sharp Shopper store... was so impressed by the range of products and the prices. Not only that, but the store was very clean and organized and the staff was very friendly, even wishing me "Have a good day!" Thanks for running a great store - I will be back many times and will tell my friends! A.S.

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I LOVE your store... I agree, it is indeed like a treasure hunt--I can't go in just for milk or bread!! I always end up walking up and down the aisles and getting something here, something there and before I know it I have a full cart! My wife teases me and says I am addicted to grocery shopping-I told her-ONLY AT SHARP SHOPPER. S.L.

I buy organic, and didn't expect to find anything of the sort in your store, so it never really crossed my mind to visit.  I am very pleased to say I was wrong.  I'm a loyal customer now, been there several times in the last three months and always leave with cases of my favorite brands. M. 

Honestly, your stores are the neatest, cleanest closeout stores I've seen. J.M.

We often think about how much we would spend on groceries if Sharp Shopper wasn't here... D.C.

I think your store is great!! I drive 55 minutes to shop there!! J.E.

My whole family loves Sharp Shopper. Me, my two sisters and my mother usually travel together to shop at Sharp Shopper because it is about 1 ½ hours away from where we live. I can’t believe the incredible prices. We have such a good time and my Tahoe is loaded down with bags of groceries for 4 families. K.C.

I can't tell you how much my grandmother and I appreciate Sharp Shopper. Sharp Shopper has been our life saver when it comes to shopping for groceries. We have not been disappointed with any product that we've bought. The prices are unbeatable by any "Big Box" store... M.S.

Just wanted to thank you for an opportunity to save continually on groceries without the hassle of coupons. We really enjoy the treasure hunt... J.S.

A close, dear friend introduced Me to Your wonderful store. We absolutely love the savings and constant variety... L.M.

Just wanted to let everyone know I think your store is the best! Love the prices and the employees are great. I'm letting everyone know how great it is!! A.O.

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